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ITV confirmed the British soul star’s performance earlier today, with a simple black and white Instagram post which was bursting with the word “Hello”.

Speaking on today’s Xtra Factor, the show’s head honcho praised the superstar, who takes to the stage on Sunday as part of the aptly themed Best of British show.

When we did ‘[American] Idol,’ it was all about finding the next big recording artist.

When we devised ‘America’s Got Talent,’ it was thinking, ‘I’d love to find someone who can have a residency in Vegas.’” Las Vegas Sun: “This is still the show’s objective? ” Cowell: “I still think that, but there is more to come. I don’t think that has been the strong point, up to this point, and that is one of the reasons I came back.

Long-term, I’d love the ‘Got Talent’ room in one of the hotels in Las Vegas based on the people who have come through the show.” Grace is terrific singer and has lots of potential.

But it’s this season’s runners-up, The Clairvoyants, who will end up packing in the crowds after signing a terrific deal with a casino/resort in Vegas.

Jennifer Hudson won the best supporting actress award for Dreamgirls, and her success has forced Cowell to admit he was wrong.

He sent Hudson a message ahead of the ceremony, saying: "What you have done is literally extraordinary.


But she was the wrong choice to win “America’s Got Talent.” Don’t get me wrong — I really mean it when I say she’s a sensational singer.

According to Mail online sources, the actor walked out of the auditorium when it was announced he had lost out in the best supporting actor category to Alan Arkin.

Despite the knockback, Hudson was determined to follow her dreams.

The winner of “America’s Got Talent” doesn’t get a million dollar check.


If they want the million dollars, the show will pay them ,000 a year, for forty years! So Grace will only be 52 by the time she’s paid off, if she takes the million dollar option.

In the originality of her lyrics and in the idiosyncratic nature of her singing, she reminds me of the great Joni Mitchell.


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