Cd conversion music updating system

The charging system was designed to be used with any 110 volt outlet with 15 amps of capacity.From a full discharge, it takes approximately 8 hours to charge and costs about 50 cents in electricity. Transaxle just completely rebuilt.90 Li Fe P04 batteries 28.8kwh total All leather interior. Here are a bunch of pictures I took a few weeks ago: https://1973porsche914ev.EV West used my car for one of their videos: have most of the receipts and the original owner put almost 0k into the conversion and then I put another k into converting it to the twin AC motors plus rebuilding the transmission. It's easily worth k, but I am willing to sell for under k in order to move it quickly. I have driven a distance of 40 miles already with some range left. Clean air stickers.5000 watt onboard charger charges from near empty to full in about 6 hours. 1993 Honda Del Sol Conversion 1993 Honda Del Sol Professional Conversion1993 Honda Del Sol Electric Vehicle in immaculate, "like New" condition. It is an excellent example of a lead-acid/series DC Electric Vehicle. A brand new battery pack was just installed in July, 2014. The car charges overnight using a standard 110V plug. The car is a head turner and with the hard top off, it is a blast in the summer to drive to work each day. Living in the mountains shortens my distance so someone living in a suburban area should get a range closer to 50 miles.

I would love to keep the car but I have a new 9 month old baby and I need some cash for bills but I might consider a trade for something of equivalent value such as an atv, motorcycle, jet ski, camper trailer, etc.The batteries (rated for 3,000 to 5,000 charge cycles) are still strong since I have charged them less than 200 times. I'm asking 00 for the bike Contact Rex: rexvkb @ gmail dot com Located in wyoming 9/15/2017 1981 Jett Industries E10 1981 Jett Industries Electric Truck Never has had a gas or diesel engine. I've driven as much as 80-miles round trip, but prefer to keep it around a 60-mile range so I don't push the cells too hard.


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