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The wooden choir loft was also removed because it was damaged by termites, so were the wooden floors of the bell tower.In place the tower has an independent steel stairway that leads to the topmost floor.Manuel Roxas, opened one of the largest rum and wine distilleries in the town.The Augustinians held the parish until 1898, when administration tranferred to the seculars. The church is best known for its 10.4 ton bell popularly called dakong lingganay (big bell).In 1566, Fray Martín de Rada is said to have preached the Gospel in Bamban (Pan-ay) and from there he proceeded to evangelize Dumangas to the south.The Augustinians continued to spread their net of evangelization to the south and west of Pan-ay until they had established footholds in the whole island.Attached to the sacristy is a large storage room, now converted into a Blessed Sacrament chapel.


In the 19th century, Don Antonio Roxas, grandfather of Pres.At the end, the pumpkins are collected and composted.



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