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It was noon, the heat was intense, we were under time constraints and I had to take snapshots while doing our brisk walk.Many months later, with pictures of Central World's smoldering remains making their way around the world, Cecile's post instantly brought me back to that part of Bangkok which I remembered so differently from the bloody, chaotic battleground it had become, according to reports. Join me as I retrace my steps and revisit the mall that billed itself as “The largest lifestyle shopping destination in Bangkok”--now all gone. We started our walk from Erawan Bangkok Hotel, a side entrance of which opened into this street with Thai vendors selling flowers and native delicacies.We crossed the street corner by the main highway... ) floor was where I saw this stack of books with a different cover design.Entered this smaller shopping mall--odd, I thought, that it was noontime and there were hardly people inside... Gone was the austere black-and-red look of the series, replaced by what looked like an updated version of those Barbara Cartland bodice-rippers.

This anthology from China’s most influential theater creator makes his plays available to an international readership in English for the first time.

And exited a mall door connected to an overpass, which had this view, on my left, of the corner where we came from. (I blogged about the books here.) Beside the bookstore was the department store Zen, which occupied a whole wing of the mall, I think.


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