Updating ps3 internet browser

This makes sure you are optimizing your network speed.

Once you have filled in the description, server, account and password make sure “Proxy” is set to “Off” and then you can turn on your VPN, verify in the status bar that it’s on, launch US Netflix in Canada and enjoy the massive US Netflix library in Canada (or anywhere around the world)!


Don’t worry, it looks complicated but remember that each step is literally just tapping a spot on the screen.This way, if you are traveling you can select the closest location to wherever you are in Canada (or around the world) that specific day.For example, choose a PPTP server location in Seattle and name it “Seattle VPN”.Here are the manual step-by-step instructions to set up HMA on your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch if you do not want to download HMA’s app.

I highly recommend you download HMA’s app and use that to set up HMA on your Apple device.When you log into your Netflix app “from the United States” (thanks to HMA) Netflix will even tell you that “you’ll notice that your choices for streaming will vary from country to country.” They are referring to the much larger US Netflix library that’s not available in Canada. If you have found this guide to be helpful please Another great way to access the US Netflix library in Canada is directly from on your computer.



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