Dating sucks and im depressed


They're not women, they're girls in the early 20's (according to the post)..

who have yet to realize that men are not just semi-aware meatsacks but actually have an emotional range and depth, and who also have yet to emerge from their early years enculturation process.

People can be shitty no matter what gender they are.

A man who is comfortable enough in his masculinity to admit when things aren't so good with his emotions should be seen as a good thing.


I really hate myself for saying this but that is incredibly sexist.Invite him over to your house, he won't respect your rules or operate on a level that is even remotely human. And he was proud that every one of them ended after no more than 6 weeks. IMO a man is someone with a developed spirit and a strong/good heart. If he is mature enough to handle himself then yeah, I would (and have) date a man with mental health issues.On the flip side, many run like hell when I tell them about my problems.its funny you should ask this, me and my girlfriend had some friends over and we were all discussing this exact topic - dating someone with clinical depression - and whilst me & another guy said that it depended on the girl & the circumstances, every single one of the girls said that they wouldn't date a guy like that.

That was actually the only thing they all agreed upon when we were all talking about it, as they all gave a variety of different reasons and had a couple of misconceptions about the nature of depression.

Another issue they had with depressed guys is that they seemed to have this partial group consensus about the idea that it showed some kind of character defect in men.


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