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But the problem here is that Muslim men do not know how to articulate this very personal criteria appropriately.In the above hadith Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is telling men that it's o.k.She was the epitome of the complete woman.' A note from sh. As the hadith above suggests, a pretty face and religious background are excellent, but they will not necessarily indicate whether she gets easily abusive or jealous. Saying that though, men are not as concerned about looks or as worried as women can be.Yasir Qadhi, "Understanding the facts of life and things that men do may gross you out. ' Men want physical services from woman and there are key differences - he says it's the 'things she does for me' whereas women will say it's 'how he makes me feel.' To Muslim women: don't be insulted or upset for it is by Allah's creation that men are way more simple and want basic needs. → Dress Sense Women don't expect a service through a man's appearance - his good looks are a bonus.If you find a woman who is religious and beautiful you have two out of four good qualities.And if you find someone with all four qualities, you’ve hit the jackpot!It means if you can find a woman/man who is religious that’s good.

Still, they hope for a woman who is connected to God in her daily life outside of prayers, as well as being aware of the nature of life's challenges.

Although it is common to hear that in South Asian/African countries men pressurise prospective wives and their families for high dowries etc, it is very unlikely a Muslim man will marry purely because his future wife is filthy rich.

Wealth is a great turn-on; it's power, opportunity, intimidating for some (for example if a wife earns more), but real wealth is not tangible.

Be blessed - Imam Suhaib Webb, The Lesser Of 2 Evils, 2013* 'You see, we often misunderstand the hadith of the Prophet ﷺ where he said, “Marry a woman for four reasons…” This also means, “Marry a man for four reasons…” Unfortunately no one tells the sisters this, so they sometimes think men get to choose and they don’t.

The four reasons the Prophet ﷺ mentioned were beauty, wealth, family and deen (religion).All subheadings are to be taken as general guidelines.


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