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Each year, your Pay Monthly airtime tariff will be adjusted according to the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation.

This rate is announced in February and your bill will be adjusted by this amount in April.

Plan prices: – Unlimited Talk & Text, 500 MB high speed data – Unlimited Talk & Text, 1 GB high speed data – Unlimited Talk & Text, 3 GB high speed data – Unlimited Talk & Text, 5 GB high speed data – Unlimited Talk & Text, 10 GB high speed data Savings wise this can be - a month cheaper per line depending on the current plan you have!! Here’s a comparison for my family, going with the 10 GB plan: We got 2 lines, the first line is and the second is .50 (.50 total).

We also will get a credit after the 3rd month with code SOUTHERNSAVERS.

They operate on one of the largest GSM Networks in the US, giving you the same 4G LTE service you already love, at a much lower cost! Plus if you add more lines to your account you save up to 20% off your monthly bill.

I recently spoke with Pure Talk USA about offering y’all a deal and they loved the idea!


If you're on O2, RPI can impact your Pay Monthly tariff, including your O2 Refresh Airtime Plan (but not the Device Plan), your sim only tariff, standard tariff and mobile broadband tariff.

Right now Southern Savers readers can get up to a 0 bill credit after your 3rd month with them.

That basically means 3 free months if you go with the plan!!! You can keep your current phone and your phone number too!

***For example, if you're on an £18 O2 Refresh Airtime Plan, the increase of 2.6% would have resulted in a new monthly Airtime Plan cost of £18.46.*** ***If you're on a sim only tariff, or one of our non-O2 Refresh Pay Monthly tariffs, RPI is applied to your monthly subscription charge (your tariff amount).

For example, if you're on a £16 per month tariff, the increase of 2.6% would have resulted in a new monthly subscription charge of £16.41.***Ofcom's guidance for contracts formed or made on or after 23 January 2014 sets out their interpretation of General Condition 9.6 - this states that they think a mid-contract price rise is "a materially detrimental change to a customer's fixed term contract which should entitle them to terminate that contract without penalty." However, that guidance does not apply to contracts made or signed before 23 January 2014.Ofcom's guidance for price rises in fixed term contracts is only applicable to contracts made on or after the 23 January 2014 and does not apply to contracts that were entered into before that date.


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