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The posts that have the most comments on them are not necessarily the most popular posts.But often, what was happening was that the posts with the most negative comments on them were the most popular posts because they were the culture posts.We can roll out a million product tools to help us deal with bad actors, but what we actually need to do is build a community that doesn’t allow bad actors to flourish in the first place.That comes down to, again, the relationship between the people who work at The Verge and the audience who reads it and cares about it. That’s a much harder solution than we’re gonna build in down-rank buttons and shadow bans. In certain posts, we chose to leave the comment thread on.Here’s how they’re all using social media to encourage reader discussion.


And that’s [also] what a forum post does: it keeps things on topic, it keeps things positive, and it’s less [just] reaction to a story.The community that happens on the website is super important.


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    First, I had several questions to ask Luke, and so much ground to cover that an online chat session no longer sufficed.

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    With no treatments, Kylie was reminded of what she used to look like as a young teen and she HATED it.

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    MATRIMO is a Romanian marriage agency, a matchmaker with experience in dating services for mixed couples: single East European women who want to meet single men from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, UK, United States and other countries.

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    Utilizing 123 flash chat software it has become one of the go to sites for teenagers.

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    Whether you've been with your partner for five weeks or five years, there will always be relationship conversations that feel slightly awkward.

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    From the start, Cathy said little about her father's growing relationship with a new woman."I didn't really want her to know much in case it didn't work out," he recalls.

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    Some of these sites have online chat rooms as well.

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