David henrie dating now


Thus it appears that one source has stated that she is not David Henrie girlfriend and that they are not dating, they are just good friends and spending time together that they both like.Thus even though the source notes that they want to be close friends, because their friendship is important for either of them and they do not want to ruin this it looks like people still think that she is David Henrie girlfriend and that they are supposed to be together, because there are times when good friends manage to make their friendship into something more bigger and better and they should try to do this also."You need to put this ring on yourself," Henrie told Cahill, "because if I do it, I might drop it!" That sounds like such a Justin Russo thing to do. "Every time I see her, I’m taken aback," Henrie gushed.Henrie confesses he can't wait to have kids soon and teases, "Children are like flowers, you can’t have too many of them." Considering how much of a dad he is to his godson, it's a no-brainer he'll be a great father to his own kids.Henrie's proposal to Cahill was nothing short of ~magical~, including a private helicopter ride to an island to see a historical landmark in San Juan Capistrano.

She has also been on shows such as Drake & Josh, Privileged, How I Met Your Mother, and the OC.

Thus it looks like the rumors about them being a couple are not true and he is single and the same source notes that even if someday she would become known as David Henrie girlfriend this would be a big surprise not only for the media but also for them both, because they are strictly platonic and nothing more.



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