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They were good girls and helped Daddy as much as three and five-year old girls can. It may need to be heated up a bit but a couple of minutes in the microwave should do it." she said, matter-of-factly. Becky left to go home and I went to see what she had prepared for me for dinner. She came slinking in from the other room, her head lowered slightly and looking at me with her eyes fixed and looking at me through the tops of them like a jaguar stalking it's prey. Her hand found my cock and she squeezed it through my slacks, moaning again as she felt how hard it was.

My wife was supposed to be gone for a week but maybe longer, it would depend on what happened with her sister. As I sat there eating the dinner she prepared I thought more about the new babysitter. I will see you tomorrow morning." She left and I finished the last bit of cleanup before hitting the sack myself. I hope you don't mind, but I have a date right after you come home tonight and won't have time to go home and change," she said. I will try to get home as soon as I can then," I said. After keeping her late the day before and knowing she had a date this evening, I didn't want her to miss her date on my account! She was drop dead gorgeous in that red skintight tank dress. My cock jumped as she held it, demanding its freedom. I swooped her young hard body into my arms and took her into the bedroom.

I didn't mind her going, I try to be supportive as I can when it come to her family because I knew she was close to them all and I wanted it to stay that way. Everything seems pretty simple," she said, "you go on to work and I'll take care of things here." So I left for work, barely reaching the office in time. I knew that the thoughts I was having about her were wrong - she was still a teenager and I was almost twice her age. The girl was beautiful, smart, considerate and hot as hell! The next day Becky arrived as usual, but that day she had a garment bag and another small bag with her. It was cut very high on the bottom, almost to her crotch, and the neckline plunged in front down past her full young breasts, the whole package giving me a fantastic view of her womanly form. Setting her back onto her feet, I sat down on the bed and pulled her close.

So when she said she had to go I encouraged her to, assuring her that me and the girls would be ok while she was gone and not to worry about us. I started in with work, but my mind kept going back to the lovely young girl at home. I went to bed and spent the night with Becky in my dreams. She wore slinky red "fuck me" heels to round out the outfit nicely. I began unwrapping my sweet present, first unzipping her dress in the back and then slipping the spaghetti straps off her shoulders, kissing each as I did.


I don't know who gasped louder, her feeling me inside her or me feeling that tight hot pussy squeezing me.

I wiped a smudge of jelly from her cheek, obviously put there by one of the girls while eating. I saw how you looked at me yesterday, and I felt you when you bumped into me by the refrigerator.


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    While they follow the clues and deal with the serious aspects of the crime and the people it affects, they find many ways to bring humor into their lives.

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