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Dayak mythology tells of a time, before the creation of man, when the sea was the home of a mighty underworld dragon who opposed the gods of the sky.The artwork to the right seems to show warriors on a platform fighting crested dragon-like animals. It displays numerous characteristics of the beaked dinosaurs (like the depicted alongside for comparison): tridactyl feet configuration, metatarsal stance, scale-like representation all over the body (except for the horn which has a striated pattern), long (albeit slender) tail, elaborate head crest and a long neck.Although the Ottoman Empire ruled for over six centuries, there are not many depictions of dinosaurian creatures in their artwork (as compared to Medieval European art).Perhaps dragons were not as common in the eastern European/Middle East theater at that time.(Fong, Wen ed., , Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1980, p.


It was written and illustrated under the direction of Abdulcelil Levni (aka Abdulcelil Çelebi) who was the official Ottoman court painter till he died in 1732.Many more such sauropodomorph-like Chinese dragon depictions could be considered from this time period, like the painted ceramic dragon to the lower left, identified by the exhibiting museum as Tang Dynasty (618-906 AD)) that was advertised on the Chinese antiquities market as a dinosaur depiction.It displays relief lines in a scale-like pattern, a broad beak, a dermal frill, and a headcrest that is strikingly like the dinosaur (shown below on the right).The bronze styling on this artifact suggests it is from the Han Dynasty (206 B. The specimen sported a fleshy crest atop its head (like a rooster).

Researchers theorized that the hat-like ornament was brightly colored to allow for identification.But, on what creature did the ancient Babylonians model the dragon?


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