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If she has to make contact first, she also won't delay, and for the same reason - in order to not show disregard. although in the current period you are more interested in whether there is life on Mars, or where the mammoths have left.But certainly don't forget to talk about yourself and her! Talk about each other's interests, and how you feel about what you have discussed.Do not delay writing a response to her (ESE's "painful" function of Ni).Interest her with something, of special interest to her may be stories from your life (she needs your emotions, she cannot see them! information about you, about your attitude to what you're debating, about what you are doing, what your interests are in life, what are your plans, what you dream about, what you love. Occasionally, some of your theories may be of interest (your base function of "white logic" Ti will give them out in concise, structured, and as lucid and comprehensible form as possible - this is hypnosis for ESE's suggestive function ), as well as information that is of personal interest to you or what's happening in the news, etc.It is sufficient to find one common interest or a reason to go somewhere together. What does the ESE pay attention to at the first meeting?At the first meeting the ESE pays attention both to your appearance and to your "content".


For these ESEs the wish to take a closer preliminary look at the person they would like to get to know is possible.So, gradually, the information will accumulate about your character, your lifestyle, your values and principles, as well as how interesting it is with you, whether you can be trusted, and so on.


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