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Having built a brief relationship with her I tried to set her up for my plan: “If you want I can help you, but I need to know more about you.” Her response was immediate and clearly she was waiting at her e-mail: “What do you need to know? I licked her with long, wide strokes and her moaning increased.” I replied with a warning, setting up my web of seduction, hoping she would take the bait: I will send you a questionnaire, but be warned that I do ask some potentially uncomfortable questions. I could tell her orgasm was imminent as I took her swollen clit in my mouth and sucked it in.What did you masturbate about: This is embarrassing but I was fantasizing about being told what to do by a cheerleader at my school. Like Jenny, I was soon naked except for my stockings. Finally, I pulled my cock out of her perfect mouth and asked, “Jenny, my pet, are you ready for your mistress to fuck you.” She looked me straight in the eye and surprised me for the first time. I need your cock in me so fucking bad,” she begged, her foul language so out of character. I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy lips and was again surprised when she moved back taking my cock inside her. “Oh God,” she moaned, “Please fuck me Mistress.” Never one to deny such a request, I put my hands on her hips and began to slowly slide my cock in and out of her sweet pussy.She doesn’t even acknowledge I exist and she is a bitch to everyone below her, yet I can’t help but think about being dominated by her. Last question: One secret that no one knows about you: I like to masturbate while wearing pantyhose and no underwear as I love the silky feeling on my legs and vagina. Jenny’s responses answered all my questions and I knew she would be easy prey. I asked, “Does my pet babysitter want to get fucked? She was so drenched, my cock filled her completely and as I started pumping in and out she began to get animated.My suspicions were right; she was at the very least curious about being with a woman, but way too shy to do anything about it. Usually, it takes a while to come, but in a couple of minutes I could feel the volcano eruption of lust bubbling inside. Dr Meg: You stress easily and have no real outlet to release your stress, so I assume you either read or watch a lot of porn online. Her hands trembled slightly, but slowly she tossed her blouse on the floor.



Her constant glances had me wondering if she may be a lesbian or at least curious and decided to find out. Jenny78ph: I don’t mean to be rude, but how will this help me relieve my stress. “I-I-I don’t know.” “You don’t know how sexy you are, do you? “Um, I,” babbled unable to complete a full thought, drowning in the compliments and in the desire to be touched. “Vagina,” she laughed softly, her fingers meandering to my other nipple. ” I paused, I almost never swore, but her fingers pinching my nipple had me distracted and horny. Do you want an online Mistress to guide you as you attempt to discover your true sexuality? Dr Meg: And you will obey my instructions without hesitation? Dr Meg: Now slide two fingers in that sweet cunt of yours and come for Mistress Megan. Luckily she didn’t make the correlation that her next door neighbor Megan and the online Mistress were one and the same. We will continue our conversation tomorrow, is that clear, my dear? Jenny78ph: That is ok, I have to go babysit for my neighbor in an hour. You want to explore your sexuality but don’t know how to even start. “Please, don’t stop,” she again whispered, such words difficult for her to say. ” I questioned, pushing her deeper into admitting her desires and needs. “I do need to make something very clear, my dear,” I whispered, my tongue darting in and out of her ear. ” she asked, clearly distracted by my finger in her pussy and my tongue in her ear. I will take you to new levels of euphoria you have only imagined. ” “Yes,” she admitted, as if such a declaration was something to be ashamed of. “But if you submit to me tonight, I will expect you to be my submissive.

She came over dressed in an adorable flower sundress and I was still planning her seduction. I can’t believe that,” I said, “you are way too pretty to have had three or four boyfriends already.” “Well, I am not sure I even want to date.” “Well, they are exhausting,” I joked. She always went to a music website and played tunes online as she surfed. I felt fireworks in my head, chills to my entire body and a euphoria I didn’t know possible as my orgasm hit. She looked pleadingly into my eyes, secretly begging for me to please her.


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