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Jakarta is a huge city with endless options of things to do during the day.



In between the live performances often an in-house DJ will fill in to keep the atmosphere upbeat and alive.Vin , located not only in Arcadia but also in PIM 3 and Kemang Raya, is always an easy choice.Union with locations in Senayan and PIM 3 are also great places to order your favorite cocktail and catch up with friends.Restaurant and Lounge If dancing is not for you, however you like to go out for a nice meal and continue on with drinks later into the evening, Jakarta as many choices.


There are many restaurants and lounges where the kitchen is open for dinner and will call for “last order” at 10 or pm.Night Life / DJ If you like to dance and party to the latest hits there are also great clubs that have a DJ and use recorded music.


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